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What kind of job can I do with an HVAC H2 license?

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Saturday, 19 December 2009
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HVAC H2 License allows for work onHeating and Air Conditioning (except boilers) above 15 tons capacity. The 15 tons is both the capacity of the unit and the needs of the structure. NOTE – This license does not include work on building below 15 tons.  The State of North Carolina has defined this as follows:

87-21. (a) Definitions. – For the purpose of this Article: (3). The phrase "heating, group number two" means an integral system for heating or cooling a building consisting of an assemblage of interacting components producing conditioned air to raise or lower the temperature, and having a mechanical refrigeration capacity in excess of fifteen tons, and which circulates air. Systems installed in single-family residences are included under heating group number three, regardless of size. Holders of a heating group number three license who have heretofore installed systems classified as heating group number two systems may nevertheless service, replace, or make alterations to those installed systems until June 30, 2004.